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I don’t like writing reviews, but I want to tell my story. I believe I can help in advertising the good cause of those who helped me …
When I have already been with Jorge together 4 months, I finally got the courage to tell him that I have an mrkh- syndrome, so I cannot have children myself and that the only way for me is if anyone another carries a baby for me. Fortunately, Jorge did not get scared and did not go to another woman! Later we began to look for information about surrogacy on the Internet. Every evening, instead of watching TV or chatting over dinner, we were tasked by the search for a clinic. We stumbled on the clinic Baby-lab, the reviews were arranged by us. This clinic was new, but we were filled with trust after the conference call.
During one of the conferences before arriving in Kaliningrad, we met Maria, who became our surrogate mother.
We have sent copies of our analyzes. We have given medications to increase the success of the program and three weeks later, we were expected in the clinic.
11 months later Miguel was born. When he came home, I really felt like mom. When he was eight weeks old, we started attending children’s music clubs. He really likes my singing to this day.
However, this is not the end of our history. When Miguel was one and a half years old, Jorge hugged me, kissed and said that it was time to give Miguel a younger brother or sister. We contacted Baby-lab again. Have we regretted about it? Judge – now we are the parents of three wonderful kids. To help Miguel came twins Catalina and Gabel! While we decided to slow down a little with new replenishments in the family, but this is only for a while…

The history of Stephanie and Jorge (Spain)


After medical examination in the clinic, I was made a severe diagnosis of infertility. We were confused by a straight talk. The quality of our biomaterial was bad. The chances of success were minimal. For a while we doubted but finally decided. The life showed that deciding to sign a contract with their clinic and we did not lose. We got the little baby we dreamed of, our little son, who was always thinking about. It was a difficult 9 months of waiting, we lived news about the health of our boy, and necessarily about the health of the surrogate mother. The health of the surrogate mother is the guarantee of our baby’s health. We thanked the clinic for our baby. Thank you very much.

Roberto and Paloma (Spain)


I had thoughts to choose this clinic studying the company’s web resource. In comparison with others clinic it’s very good clinic. It has lot of interesting, quality and useful information. The cost of complex programs is quite acceptable. The number of attempts can be unlimited. The base of ovum donors in the public domain. And they are really updated.
After consultation, all my last doubts disappeared. После консультации все мои последние сомнения пропали. The clinic quickly found a surrogate mother, which fully met our requirements – and finally we had a baby!
Thank you very much to everyone who helped to realize our desires!

Natalia (Poland)


I want to tell you my story. We got married long ago, but I did not get pregnant. At first, we did not pay attention to this problem. Then we saw doctors and began – hormones, operations, IVF.
It was without result. We received treatment for a long time but we did not have result. Finally, a doctor suggested that we use one opportunity – to take a surrogate mother. My husband and I did not even think about it, we immediately agreed. The doctor advised us to contact a particular clinic, but we turned to five to compare them. We stopped at Baby-lab.
Before signing the contract we talked with the Director Michael and I met our future personal Manager. They answered our questions clearly and explained all details. Their words gave confidence that we would become parents. During all the procedures and process of pregnancy of our surrogate mother, I felt my own involvement in the process, always knew what goes on with my baby. As for me, it was very important. I saw that clinic’s members controlled everything. They made us happy with good news about the health of our surrogate mother and the process of pregnancy. At some time, they honestly told us about the risk of losing our baby, and I saw that they were doing everything possible to prevent this from happening.
Being well informed, I felt all stages of pregnancy as if a baby was inside of me!
Probably, the feelings are far from those felt by a pregnant woman, but for me it was important even such participation.
I trusted the clinic one hundred percent and I never regretted it. I love my daughter very much. She is the most beautiful girl in the world and I enjoy spending every minute together! I am very grateful to clinic and to the surrogate mother for helping me and my husband to become parents.

Happy parents Anastasia and Konstantin (Russia)


For a long time I chose between different surrogacy’s clinics – different prices, conditions and e.g. But of all the firms I chose one which works closely with Russia. At that time, I had no idea about Baby-lab, I just knew that the program will be in Russia and in this clinic. I signed the contract and in less than a month, I flew to Kaliningrad, where I had a full preparation for the program and met my future surrogate mother Tatyana. She was nice and I felt trust to her. After than all doubts disappeared. I was happy because 11 months after my first visit, I flew to Kaliningrad again, my little daughter was waiting for me there!

Oliverio (Spain)


Dear members of the Baby-lab, send you our reviews. Thank you very much!!!!!!

Our life has become very happy because our sweet sons Matthias and Alexander came in it.
It was a very long way for our family to achieve the aim to become parents. The time we spent on countless artificial fertilizations was financially exhausted. The lack of success hurt our feelings. There were times when we felt desperate and were not sure that we were doing the right thing, but the need and desire to replenish our family were so strong that we could not let go of that dream.
We had always doubts – Is it worth continuing? Our doctors from Germany, seeing our desire and perseverance, tried to help in every possible way. But everyone said that surrogate motherhood is the only chance. We realized that this is very expensive, and our family budget is on the verge of ruin. We were told that in some cases you have to spend 150-200 thousand euro. We were not ready. We were in despair. But some time later one of our doctors said that he had contacted his colleagues from Russia and they are ready to make the program for us much cheaper than we were offered before. We agreed and went to Kaliningrad. We went by car and it turned out to be a very close Russia, just 500 km from Berlin.
The staft of clinic was very friendly, although there was a language barrier with some doctors, but we had a personal curator of the program, who translated everything. The people who we met were always useful, and we have nothing but kind reviews about them. Lawyers were also very helpful and spent a lot of time with us. We are grateful to them, although we understand that it was probably their duty. We had many problems so they have become a support for us. Thank you!!!
We have done a very long way to achieve our aim. We sometimes think that it was too difficult, but then we look at our boys and realize that it was worth it.

Our friends, Helga, Gerhardt, Matthias, Alexander (Germany)


I liked this clinic. It was clean and comfortable there. There are friendly nurses at the reception. Especially, I want to say about Irina, she is very kind, she always helps to solve any problem. I even thought if it was her change it would happen. Also, I want to mention my reproductive doctor named Naumov A.M. It’s a great doctor!!! I have two more cryo-embryos, so I’ll definitely return to this clinic!

Aleftina and Nikolay (Russia)

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