If you have been dreaming about your own child for a long time, but any methods of treatment do not help, do not despair! We will help you go through the whole surrogate motherhood program, and soon you will become the happy parents of the most adorable baby in the world!

Surrogate motherhood is the most modern, most effective way to defeat complex forms of infertility. If a woman’s health does not let her to become pregnant and give birth to her baby – it is not a problem. A surrogate mother who will safely carry your own child and give it to you – genetic parents, will come to the rescue.


Clinic Baby-lab is ready to help infertile couples from all over the world to find true happiness – their own, long-awaited child. Many people with the help of surrogate motherhood could become moms and dads. And it gives you the opportunity to find your own little happiness!

Our services include organization, coordination and legal support of surrogacy and donation programs for Intended Parents from Russia and from all over the world.

We will find a surrogate mother for you, arrange a visit, tell you about surrogate motherhood in details, follow you during the program from the first step to the birth itself and receiving a birth certificate. Lawyers – professionals of family law – will help to do all necessary paperwork. In addition, we will save you from financial and moral risks associated with dishonesty or fraud!

Our Center has been operating in Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg (Russia) since 2010. During this period of time we managed to help many infertile couples. We are always happy to help you in any questions related to surrogate motherhood, ART (IVF, ICSI) programs, as well as carry out all the necessary legal support, and, of course, provide the perfect service!

We are in the close cooperation with other clinics, which are specialized centers of human reproduction and genetics, where a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic activities are conducted to overcome infertility.

The Baby-lab clinic also carries out diagnostics and treatment of gynecological and urological diseases. It uses only the most up-to-date equipment, materials and the most effective newest methods of detecting and treating reproductive disorders. Each patient is guaranteed an individual approach and specialized medical care of the highest level. Doctors gynecologists-reproductologists and embryologists of the clinic have significant practical experience in the field of reproductive technologies.

Our Mission

We accompany you every step of the way towards your desired baby. We place great emphasis on fairness and transparency of our services. We are always here for you to take care of your needs. Starting a family requires much strength and love – let us do the organizational part!


  • Taking care of you at all stages – from finding an appropriate Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor match up to receipt of a valid Russian birth certificate for your newborn.
  • As a team of experts in this sensitive area, we possess great experience and offer you comprehensive privacy protection during your surrogacy program and after its completion.
  • Our key values are transparency, expertise and client satisfaction. After signing a contract, we offer custom-tailored approach, personal manager in charge of your program and full program coordination.


    The main activities of the clinic:

    • Diagnosis of primary and secondary female infertility;
    • Identification of endocrine, immunological, tubal-peritoneal and uterine infertility;
    • Diagnosis of male infertility;
    • Treatment of male infertility;
    • Treatment of female infertility;Intrauterine insemination in the natural and stimulated menstrual cycle;
    • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF);
    • ICSI;
    • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD);
    • Donor programs: use of donor eggs, donor sperm;
    • Surrogacy.

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