Is surrogate motherhood permitted in Russia?
Who can use the surrogate motherhood program?
Are there many people in Russia who have used the surrogate motherhood program?
What are the medical indications for surrogate motherhood?
What is the effectiveness of surrogate motherhood programs?
Who is a surrogate mother?
Do the customers choose a surrogate mother from the Agency's database on their own?
What is the difference between the pregnancy of a surrogate mother and regular pregnancy?
What are the medical features of IVF in the surrogate motherhood program?
Should a woman, when stimulating the ovaries, come to the clinic for injections (injections)?
Is a special diet required for ovulation stimulation?
Puncture - does it hurt?
Are there any restrictions for the surrogate mother for the period from embryo transfer to pregnancy detection?
How is pregnancy being determined?
What happens after the pregnancy is determined?
What is cryotransfer of embryos?
What is ICSI?
Is the surrogate mother related to the child?
What complications can occur during pregnancy?
Where and how are surrogate mothers are being seen during pregnancy?
Where does the surrogate mother live?
How often does the surrogate mother go to see a doctor?
How to calculate the correct period of pregnancy?
Can a surrogate mother have sex during pregnancy?
Where do surrogate mothers deliver babies? If a surrogate mother wants to give birth in her own town, is it possible?
How does the child get registered with the genetic parents? How does the child get transfered to a genetic parent?
What if the surrogate mother wants to keep the newborn child?
What points need to be taken into account when choosing the center of surrogate motherhood?
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