Surrogate motherhood as a method of assisted reproductive technologies

happy-family-solar-powerSurrogate motherhood is one of the methods of assisted reproductive technology, which is used when a woman can not gestate and give birth to a child due to health reasons. Thirty years ago, the only way out was adoption. Now fertility can be successfully overcome even in the absence of a woman’s uterus.

The essence of the program is that a surrogate mother carries a child who is not geneticly related to her: the embryo is obtained through in vitro fertilization, where the eggs of the biological mother (donor) are fertilized by the sperm of the biological father (donor). After this, the embryo is transferred to the substitute mother, who according to the contract undertakes to transfer the child to the mother and father after birth. They will be registered as legal parents of the baby in the registry office.

Surrogate motherhood in Russia is absolutely legal and is regulated on the basis of the current legislation.Couples usually seek help from specialized centers which are ready to provide full support for the procedure.

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In this section, future parents can get acquainted with the surrogate motherhood program in detail, how it passes in our Center, what is necessary for its beginning and successful completion:


If all checks and evaluations were a Pass we move on to the Matching stage, which includes:

  • We will begin to recruit and hand-select Surrogate candidates who meet your specific criteria
  • Surrogate candidates will be pre-screened and their profiles will be presented to you
  • Matching Conference call with potential Surrogate
  • Surrogate’s psychological assessment, background & credit check
  • Meet potential Surrogate!
  • Confirm Surrogate match
  • Confirm Egg Donor match (If applicable)

The Screening process includes: (This step will not apply to Intended Parents who already have frozen embryos)

  • Medical screening for Intended Parents (If not previously completed)
  • Medical screening for Gestational Surrogate
  • Medical screening for Egg Donor & psychological assessment (If applicable)
  • Sperm sample is collected & frozen at the time of medical screening per FDA guidelines
  • Legal consult & drafting of Gestational Surrogacy contract
  • Sign Gestational Surrogacy contract
  • Egg Donor contract drafted and signed (If applicable)
  • Attorney will provide a legal letter of clearance to the clinic so that all procedures may commence
  • Fund escrow in accordance with the contracts for Gestational Surrogate and Egg Donor
  • The Gestational Surrogate & Egg Donor will be instructed to begin taking fertility medication
  • The fertility clinic will determine an egg retrieval date based on the Surrogate & Donor’s progress
  • Following the egg retrieval, sperm and eggs will be combined to create embryos
  • Embryo transfer date will be selected based on the embryo development  (3 or 5 day transfer)
  • 14 days after the transfer the clinic will confirm pregnancy via blood test
  • Voila! You’re pregnant and well on your way to becoming parents!

Please Note: If you already have frozen embryos the time-frame will move more quickly as steps which involve an Egg Donor would not apply to your journey.

The remainder of the process will consist of our Program Director tracking the pregnancy very closely, ensuring checkup appointments are being conducted, that your Surrogate is fulfilling contractual obligations, and timely payments of escrow funds. Overall we will be in constant contact with both Intended Parents and Surrogate to ensure a harmonious and pleasant experience! We never puts our cell phone down and is always available via phone, text, or email. He truly goes out of his way to be readily available whenever you need us. Urgency through strong service and support are at the forefront of how we leads our team at Baby-lab.

During the second trimester, we follow-up with the attorney to initiate the process of establishing birthrights, also referred to as procuring the PBO. (pre-birth order) We also reach out to the hospital where the birth is to take place and inform their staff of the impending surrogacy delivery. Intended Parents will most likely be accommodated with a private room for them and their new baby.

Hopefully this outline has been concise and easy to understand. Upon acceptance into our clinic, your personal manager will guide you every step of the way. We look forward to having the honor and privilege of assisting you with your very special journey through surrogacy!

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