Our main joint goal is

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to do everything
to bring your dream
of the birth of a healthy baby to life!


Medical support

The whole program,
starting with selection of surrogate mother
and ending with preparation for baby delivery,
is carried out by the doctors and professionals
of our clinic

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Flexible package system

We have developed 4 packages
of participation in the program.
You can choose the best for yourself

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Thank you, Baby-lab!

We have been looking for a surrogate mother
ourselves for a long time, but we never got one.
Clinic "Baby-lab" picked up a surrogate mom
and egg donor in 2 days!

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Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Surrogate motherhood – IVF with the help of this technique helps in those cases when a woman for any reasons is unable to gestate or give birth to a child. The surrogate mother carries a baby with which she is not genetically related. Using the IVF method, an embryo taken from an infertile woman’s egg (or donor egg), which is fertilized with the sperm of her husband or donor, is placed in surrogate mother’s uterus. No external features and features of health can be transferred to a future child by surrogate mother because all genetic information is encoded in the embryo itself and it will take after its genetic parents.

Our surrogacy clinic is ready to help families in which women suffer from congenital or acquired defects in the development of genitals, severe pathologies of heart, liver, kidney, type 1 diabetes, cancer patients and in other cases. If several attempts of IVF were unsuccessful, surrogate motherhood can also help.

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Intended parents

Surrogacy Clinic Baby-lab believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent of their own biological child regardless of gender, race, religion, infertility, marital status or sexual orientation. Surrogacy is a testament to humanity. It is the perfect balance of God and science.

Donors database

Our clinic has its own various base of egg donors, among which you can find your own one. Each of them underwent a full medical examination.


Meet the happy stories of our clients.


The surrogate motherhood program in Russia is regulated on the basis of a number of laws and bylaws.


Why applying to us?

Own database

You do not need to search for your own surrogate mother yourself. You do not need to post ads, you do not have to wait months and years. We will quickly provide you a base of women wishing to become surrogate mothers, and in the very near future you will be able to start the program.

Financial Transparency

Our Clients do not have the risk of hidden costs, they do not buy a “cat in a poke”. The cost and terms of the contract always remain initial, no matter what effort and time it takes to implement it.

Legal protection

The comprehensive legal support offered by us is made with full protection of the parties.

Medical support

The entire program, starting with the selection of a surrogate mother and ending with the preparation for childbirth, is carried out by the doctors of our clinic.

The price corresponds to the quality

Our customers are not concerned about the discrepancy in price and quality. We take care of ensuring that the service is provided to the Client to the full, of the highest quality and in the shortest possible time.


For the duration of the program you will have a personal administrator (curator of the program), to whom you can ask any questions and apply for any occasion related to the program of surrogate motherhood.



I want to mention my doctor-reproductologist – Anna Naumova. Doctor with a capital letter! I have 2 cryo-embryo left, so I’ll definitely return to this clinic!”– Aleftina and Nikolai
We have come a very long way towards achieving our goal. And yes, we sometimes think that it was too difficult, but then we look at our boys and understand that it was worth it– Helga and Gerhardt
Already 11 months after my first visit, I flew to Kaliningrad again, because my little daughter was waiting for me there!))))– Oliverio
Life has shown that we did not lose applying to Baby-lab for help. We got the little baby we dreamed of, our little son, who we were always thinking about.– Roberto and Paloma

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